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It's not every day you hear of an attorney leaving her practice to start her own skin care business, but when you have a calling, it cannot be ignored!  I wanted to make sure I lived my life cruelty free, but throughout the years of building my own skin care regimen, I discovered how difficult it was to find products that would make a difference in my skin, but didn't contain any animal ingredients or weren't tested on animals.  

Two years after law school, I began my journey in opening Contour Skin Therapy the day after I earned my esthetician license in order to create products that were humane, effective, and affordable.  Under the guidance of a local cosmetic surgeon, I learned the secrets  of the trade, allowing me to advance my services without having to up the price. Combing both of my passions, I created a completely cruelty free line of products that were both humane and effective, containing carefully selected ingredients that won't be found in your local drug store.

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